I’m pretty sure it’s safe to post this, now. This is a portrait of my friends’ (Josh and Kiah) daughter, Lauren. Josh, Kiah, and Kiah’s sister, Nicole, had me do this for Kiah and Nicole’s mom, Sis. Jones. Since Mama Jones is one of the most legit people ever, it was absolutely an honor and a privilege.

I was working in oil paints, using one of Nicole’s photos for reference. I’m fortunate enough to know a lot of amazing photographers, and Nicole is one of the best around. I highly recommend Nicole Evans Photography, and only hope I was able to do her source material justice with my painting.

P.S. – Some of you may have noticed I was pretty quiet on social media during February. Well, it’s because I was working on this portrait. Sometimes I get jobs that I can’t discuss or post about til later, so I have to be discreet. The moral of the story is, just because you don’t hear from me doesn’t mean I don’t have stuff in the works!

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