Confidence (Inktober 2017, Day Sixteen)

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Still running behind on Inktober, but trying to at least keep pace and not fall even further behind. The prompt for Day Sixteen (which, incidentally, puts me past the halfway point), was, “Fat.” Right off the bat, I knew I wanted to do a sumo wrestler, not because there’s anything derogatory in it, but, quite the opposite, because sumo wrestlers command respect. They are big dudes who are not to be trifled with. So often in society, the word “fat” is used to hurt people, or feed insecurities about body images, and I knew I absolutely did not want to pander to that mentality. I was scrolling through pictures of sumo wrestlers to use as reference, and came across a photo of an impossibly skinny kid trying to move a mountain of a man, and instantly knew that it was going to be my drawing for this prompt. Not only does the sumo wrestler command respect by his presence, but the skinny kid trying to move him commands respect by willing to take on a seemingly impossible task. Win/win.

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