Long May You Run (Inktober 2017, Day Five)

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At first glance, this drawing probably doesn’t look like much. A relatively quick rendering of a Buffalo stampede. And, honestly, it didn’t take me very long to draw it. The meaning comes from the source material. This was the sketch used as the album cover art on the Stills-Young Band’s 1976 album, Long May You Run. The title track is one of my all time favorite Neil Young songs.
For Day Five of Inktober 2017, the suggested prompt was, “long.” The first thing that came to mind was Huey P. Long, aka, The Kingfish. However, he was pretty divisive in his own time, and pretty obscure in ours, so I opted not to go that route. Next, I thought of doing something from The Longest Day or The Longest Yard, And neither felt right. I thought of the Beatles’, “The Long And Winding Road,” but an outright image never came to mind. Finally, I thought of “Long May You Run,” and went with the album art off that.
If I had done this with a flair pen in ink wash, it probably would have been a.) more accurate, compared to the actual art, and b.) even more quickly drawn. Nonetheless, I stuck with Bic pen, and I suspect I will probably go that route for the remainder of the month (supposing I hang tough with the Inktober challenge).
Anyway, go put on some Neil Young (“Harvest Moon” would also be appropriate, tonight), and be cool to one another.

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