Tom Petty (Inktober 2017, Day Two)

Dear Tom Petty,

Thank you for Wildflowers because that album truly changed my life, and remains a constant on my iPod to this day.

I know the suggested theme for Day Two of Inktober 2017 was supposed to be, “divided,” but, when I heard about the passing of Tom Petty, it didn’t feel like there was any other choice.

Like yesterday, I don’t feel like it’s my best work, but I don’t feel like it’s my worst, either. Also like yesterday, this was entirely Bic pen and no pencil, so I give myself slightly more leeway. I DO think it is just a grade above yesterday’s, in terms of making the face more recognizable, but there’s still a lot of room for growth. I feel like I need to get a little more of a handle on the subtleties of capturing the grays with the Bic. It’s really easy to go either way too light, or way too dark, just because you get occasional blotches of ink, then have to compensate and cover.  
But, that’s just me making it about my work. Honestly, Tom Petty was one of my all time favorites and heroes. It should be about his work. Go listen to Wildflowers, She’s The One, or any other album of his that speaks to you.

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