Some Wreck It Ralph stuff

Wreck It Ralph 003 copy

So my wife, being quite the Disney fan, constantly has me drawing out different Disney and Pixar characters.  One of our favorites is Wreck It Ralph.  It was Samuel’s first favorite movie.  As a baby, he could just sit and watch the movie OVER and OVER and OVER again.  To this day, I’m pretty sure my wife can quote this movie verbatim, with ot without it playing for reference.  However, Ralph merchandise is pretty rare, these days.  We decided to make shirts for Samuel and I to wear on our last trip to Disneyland.

It started out as a rough pencil sketch, which I scanned, and then traced around and colored on the computer.  I just selected the arm, copied it, and flipped the copy horizontally, then adjusted the placement of both arms to fit around the head.



Then I drew up some text to go with it.  My wife wasn’t fond of the “I’m gonna,” so we ended up getting rid of that in the final version, seen at the top.


Wreck It001Wreck It Ralph 002 copy

AAAAAAnnnnd this is us at the bottom, getting to meet Winnie the Pooh at the Gathering Spot in Disneyland, Samuel and I wearing our shirts!

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