A big priority for me is the concept of family. 

Above is a painting I did in gouache, which I call, Sisters.  The sisters featured are pretty important to me.  At the time, they were really good friends of mine.  Now, the one in the beanie, Safire, is my wife, and the other one, Angelica, is my sister-in-law.  They had come out to Red Robin’s with me and a few other friends to celebrate my birthday.  Toward the end of the evening, I took a picture of them together to send to them on my phone.  A few months later, it was Safire’s birthday.  I decided to do a large painting out of the picture of her and her sister from my birthday as a gift for her on HER birthday.  It apparently went over pretty well.

Below is Safire and my step-son, Samuel, from my sketchbook, done in graphite.

Finally, below is an ink wash piece I did of myself and my cousin, Mallory.

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