The pieces in this post come from my Drawing 1 class at Modesto Junior College (Shout out to my teacher from that class, Todd McClintock!).  

This particular assignment was about enlarging a photo from a picture from a magazine, so I picked a picture of an old Chevy, cropped it to match the proportions of the assignment, and drew it enlarged.

The following pieces were about drawing with negative space (“Be the light!”).  The first was a warm up, and the second was the still life which ended up being the focus of the assignment.  It emphasized the point of imagining we were the light by using heavily-light-reflective materials, like metal and glass.

The final piece shown here was a self-portrait.  At the time, I was listening a lot to the Beatles’ Rubber Soul and Revolver, so I wanted to do a self portrait that was reminiscent of the cover to Rubber Soul, in terms of the worm’s-eye-view of the faces.  I thought it came out well enough that I used it for profile pics on social media for a long time afterward.

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