About Myself & My Page


About the page:

This page is an outlet for my art.  I started it so I could build a decent online portfolio of my artwork.  I’ll try to update the blog section as frequently as I can, with whatever new projects I’ve been working on.  Also in the blog section, I’ll probably end up describing a little bit more about each piece – the inspiration, the thought process, the meaning, the story behind it, and the medium – more than would appear in the general portfolio, though the better pieces will probably find their way to the portfolio section.

About me:

I’ve been drawing since I was about three years old, when I would fill pages with little Batman emblems that looked more like umbrellas.  From an early age, I was drawn to comic books and super heroes, and was pretty obsessed with the likes of Superman, Spider-man, and the Ninja Turtles.  The X-Men introduced me to Jim Lee, Daredevil and Batman introduced me to Frank Miller, Spider-man introduced me to Todd McFarlane, and so forth.  From there, I went in a couple of directions.  Part of me loved the fantasy work of Frank Frazetta, while part of me loved the tessellations and mechanical surrealism of M. C. Escher.  Frazetta led to me studying Goya, which led me to the chiaroscuro of the Italian Renaissance.  Escher led me to the abstract expressionism of Picasso, which led me to the flat beauty of Manet, which led me, again, back to the Renaissance.  I knew I needed to go back to school, so I went back and got an Associate’s Degree in Art from Modesto Junior College.

I paid my way through MJC by working full time at an equipment rental company,  then at a petroleum distributor, where I am still employed full time.  I spend most of my days driving up and down Central California, delivering diesel exhaust fluid, and spend as much time as I can outside of work drawing, working on different creative projects, telling visual stories, and trying to get my art to take off.

I also play guitar, and take music quite seriously, which is why a lot of my art has something to do with music, or I’ll throw musical references into the titles of my blog posts.


Social Media: Instagram: @jasonhayescustomartwork

E-mail: jasonhayescustomartwork@gmail.com.

Phone: 209.484.6210

*PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE!!! I don’t immediately pick up the phone for anybody I don’t already know, so, again, please leave a message!  If you don’t leave a message, I’m going to assume the call is another spammer trying to ruin everyone’s day, and ignore the call altogether.

From there, we can discuss what sort of project you would like me to do for you, what sort of pricing we’re looking at, and what sort of timeframe you need it in.

Many thanks for visiting my page and taking the time to check everything out!

-Jason Hayes.


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